Winsor & Newton BrushMarkers/ProMarker Review! Are they worth it? Alternative to Copics?

Winsor and Newton Pastel BrushMarker

Winsor & Newton BrushMarker review

According to the official Winsor & Newton website, “The Winsor & Newton BrushMarker provides the ultimate in precise and flexible line control, adding versatility to your drawing and illustration practice. The 72-colour rich range is highly blendable and offers print quality, streak-free coverage.” Also, the regular ProMarkers come in 148 colors.

So, I picked up the 6-pastel tone BrushMarker set. Winsor & Newton also the original ProMarker in a pastel set with different colors and a fine bullet nib instead of a brush tip (they’re also cheaper than the BrushMarkers on sites like Amazon).

The 6 pastel tones from the BrushMarkers come in the following colors:

Putty (O618)Winsor and Newton BrushMarker

Rose Pink (M727)

Pink Pearl (V718)

Cool Aqua (C429)

Meadow Green (G339)

Pebble Blue (C217)

Right off the bat, I noticed that the colors presented on the markers are very different from what the colors actually look like on paper. The colors are more accurately represented on the packaging, but still a bit off.

With that being said, these are very beautiful colors. Are they all pastel? Maybe not. The Rose Pink looks like a duller hot pink to me. The rest of the colors can pass as pastel.

I would say their bendability is pretty average (though I don’t have the Winsor & Newton blending marker which may affect the bendability).

Winsor and Newton BrushMarker

Also, here’s how the markers look in a quick little sketch test:

Winsor and Newton BrushMarker test

Comparison to Copic Markers:

I would say that the Winsor & Newton BrushMarkers/ProMarkers are a great alternative for Copic markers. A 6-piece set can run you nearly $20 where a Copic Sketch marker set can run you nearly $40! So, if you’re looking for a Copic marker alternative, the BrushMarkers/ProMarkers are a great!

Though, if you’re looking for a wider choice in colors, Copic markers have 358 colors in the brush nib variety and 214 in the classic variety, while ProMarkers have 148 colors and the BrushMarkers have 72 colors available. My advice to you is just to be wary of the color swatches on the packaging and markers themselves. They are not accurate for the most part so if you can, try them before you buy them in store.

ProMarker Vs. Copic Breakdown

(prices from

ProMarker – Cheaper. ProMarker singles are $3.59. Copic Classic singles are $5.24.

BrushMarker singles are $3.59. Copic Sketch singles are $5.24.

Copic – More colors. Copic Classic markers are available in 214 colors, while the Copic Sketch markers are available in 358 colors.

ProMarkers are available in 148 colors, while BrushMakers are available in 72 colors.

Copic – Set quantity. ProMarkers sets only go up to 24 pieces, while the BrushMarker sets only go up to 12 pieces. Every variant of Copic Marker sets can go up to 72 pieces.

Copic – Refills. Copics have marker refills, Winsor & Newton does not.

TL;DR The Winsor & Newton BrushMakers/ProMarkers are great, they are more affordable than Copics. But if you’re looking for a wide-range of colors or refills, they may not be for you.

Get the tools:
Winsor & Newton Pastel BrushMarker Set:
Winsor & Newton Pastel ProMarker Set:
Canson Marker Paper used for testing:
Copic Sketch Marker 12-piece set:

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Winsor & Newton BrushMarkers

Winsor & Newton BrushMarkers





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        Worth it?



          • Cheaper than Copics
          • More ink than most markers


          • Not very many colors to choose from
          • Colors don't match packaging well