Copic Multiliners! Good pens for Copics? Do the Copic Multiliners Bleed with Copics? Let’s find out!


Copic Multiliner Color set

I have such a hard time finding a liner that I can draw with over pencil, erase, then draw with over alcohol-based markers without the linker bleeding or being erased away.

So, I picked up a set of Copic Multiliners, they are the “color set” all in the size 0.3. On the package, it states that the pens are: Pigment based, disposable, waterproof, archival and acid free, compatible with Copic markers, and photocopy safe.

From left to right on the picture below we have the colors: Wine, Cobalt, Sepia, and Olive.

Copic Multiliner color

Copic Multiliner test
I did a little test with thin strokes as well as thick strokes, and trying light colored Copic markers on top of the multiliner to see if they bleed. Conclusion, they hold up pretty well! BUT, be wary when you’re drawing very thick lines with this multiliner, you may have to leave it some extra time to dry because it may bleed still. (Also: I did this test with a Canson XL marker pad.)



TL;DR I would say that the Copic Multiliners hold up very well, there was some bleeding in thick-lined areas with the colors Cobalt and Olive. But, I would say these pens are very much compatible with Copic markers and are a great buy.

Get the tools:

Copic Multiliner color set:

Copic Multiliner black set:

Canson Marker pad used:

Canson Marker pad I recommend for finished work:

Copic Marker set:


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Copic Multiliner

Copic Multiliner



    Compatibility with markers


      Worth it?



        • Comes in various colors and sizes
        • Works well with markers


        • May bleed with markers if you use them before drying