Best paper for Copic markers? Let’s find out!

Here’s my personal favorite papers for markers with different uses for each:

Best marker paper for finished artwork:

Canson (Fanboy) Illustration Paper

This paper pad comes in 20 sheets and in sizes 8.5”x11” (21,5 cm x 27,9 cm) and 9”x12” (22,9 cm x 30,5 cm) 150lb (250g). The paper is acid free and is made for markers, but is also perfect for pencil, pen, and color pencil.
This is my personal favorite for finished work for markers because it’s in expensive, it has a nice thickness, and is an overall nice paper for markers. It has a smooth surface and erases easily and cleanly. This paper does bleed on the other side, which is why I recommend using it as a paper pad instead of a sketchbook.

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Best marker paper in a sketchbook:

Rendr Sketchbook

The Rendr sketchbook is what they like to call “no show thru” paper. It can be used with all media, but is perfect for markers. The paper does not bleed through to the other side, so it every side of the page is usable making it the perfect sketchbook for markers. This sketchbook has a hardbound as well as wire-bound variant. There’s also many different sizes available with the weight of 110lb (180g). This paper is also acid and lignin-free and comes with 96 pages.

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Best marker paper for practice:

Canson Marker pad

The Canson marker pad is the perfect kind of paper for practicing and sketching with marker. I would not recommend this paper for finished work because it’s incredibly thin and is prone to tearing when erasing. This paper is semi-transparent with the weight 18lb (70g), it’s basically tissue paper. This is a nice paper for when you want to practice with markers, try out different color combinations, or make anything you wouldn’t mind throwing away. This is the kind of paper where you can really let loose and not worry about the outcome like you would with a sketchbook. Canson marker pad comes in sizes 9”x12” (22,9 cm x 30,5 cm) and 11”x14” (27,9 cm x 35,6 cm).

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