How to get better at drawing hands.

If you’re an artist or if you’ve drawn even once, you know that hands are the absolute hardest thing to draw. The best way to learn to draw hands is to practice drawing hands. I know, I’m sorry but there’s no overnight trick to quickly learn how to draw hands. Here are a few tips to get started with your hand drawing journey:

Draw from life:

Ask someone to pose their hands for you, watch the hand poses of people around you, or draw from your own hand.

Drawing hands from life is the best way to learn to draw a realistic figure. Drawing from your own hand is a very popular choice. If you want to draw hands well, you need to start by building a foundation. Realistic drawings from still life is the best way to build that foundation. Drawing from life better allows you to interpret the 3-dimensional space onto paper.

Draw from reference:

Draw from hand reference photos, draw from hand reference drawings, draw hand poses from TV.

Though drawing from life is highly recommended, drawing from a photo reference if easily accessible and allows for a lot more hand poses and some you may not even think of.
Drawing from moving video is a great way to start making quick gesture drawings which will allow you to notice small details very quickly.

Draw from a model:

Buy a pose-able hand model. Bonus tip: use a lamp for a light source and practice drawing with the hand model with a light coming at different angles, use charcoal for quick shading practice.

Feature image by: alsei on DeviantArt

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