TOP 10 Manga/Comic Software! (Includes some FREE ones too.)

1. Medibang Paint (FREE)

Medibang Paint is a free and lightweight software that comes in just about every platform. It comes with cloud storage features, this also allows you to easily work with multiple people on a project. Medibang paint also has an array of brushes, tones, background and fonts, just about everything for your manga creating needs.



Also available for Android

2. Manga Studio 5

Manga Studio is one of the more popular manga software. It’s made with professional manga artists in mind. Comes with screen tones and patterns for that traditional manga effect, and is perfect for drawing with a drawing tablet. Sometimes there’s drawing tablet bundles available via Amazon.


3. Paint Tool Sai

Paint Tool Sai is another popular program among manga creators. It’s a Japanese program with a very simple UI. There is a trial available so you can try before you buy.


4. FireAlpaca (FREE)

FireAlpaca is a free lightweight illustration software not specially made for manga illustration, but just about any software can be used to make manga art if you wish. Comes with perspective lines, comic templates, and cool brushes.



5. Clip Studio Paint Pro

Clip Studio Paint Pro is the self-proclaimed #1 Comic and Manga software worldwide. Clip Studio is very popular among manga and comic making professionals alike.




6. Clip Studio Paint EX (w/ animation software)

Clip Studio Paint EX is much like the Pro software but with the addition of animation software. So, not only can you make manga, you can make anime too!


7. Corel Painter

Corel painter 2016 has some pretty unique features such as “physics-inspired particle brushes” and what they call “Audio expression” which are brushes that react to sound.




The 2017 version has smart photo painting, composition tools and claim that they have media types available that other digital painting software doesn’t have.

2016 Version:

2017 Version:

8. PGN openCanvas

openCanvas is a Windows dedicated manga software with analog-like brushes with a user-friendly UI to make navigating the software easy. There’s also brush stabilization, gif creation tools, and filters.


Free Trial Available


A popular open source program for photo editing and drawing, GIMP is not made for manga can be used for creating manga if you’re on a budget. GIMP can be confusing to use the first time. (At least it was for me)


10. Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 7

Sketchbook Pro is one incredibly easily software to use, the UI is very simple to navigate and mostly a no-brainer. While this software is not geared for manga creators, it is a nice software for beginners, someone who needs something easy to use.


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