10 new free fonts (2017)

Looking for some free fonts to use for your personal projects? Well, you’re in luck because we got a few you can use for free right now! Some fonts also permit commercial use for free as well.

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Rowo is a beautiful handmade natural texture brush perfect for t-shirt designs and inspirational posters. This font supports upper and lowercase well as punctuation and several alternatives. This font was created by Pixel Surplus and Ndro adv. Rowo is free for both personal and commercial use.

2. Kitten

This quirky and cute typeface is free for personal and commercial use. This font comes in several variants such as: thin, light, regular, fat, etc. Not only that, but there are cute kitten dingbats (dingcats) as well! This font was owned by Zetafonts Type Foundry, Francesco CanovaroIsabella AhmadzadehCosimo Lorenzo Pancini, and Debora Manetti.

3. Vintage and eroded font

This beautiful font not only aesthetically pleasing, it’s absolutely free for both personal and commercial use. This font features unique floral designs with each letter, with a lovely and delicate vintage texture. This font was created by aleph corporation.


4. Berlin Fraktur

Berlin Fraktur is meant to resemble the well known Google font UnifrakturMaguntia with the low resolution feeling of 1993 Macintosh. This font is absolutely free and created by HK Sarsfield.

5. Fibre

Fibre is a beautifully textured and easily to read font, bold and uppercase letters. This font is free to download and created by Wild Ones Design, and KRISIJANIS MEZULIS.

6. Selima

Selima is a brush script font perfect for advertisements and creative posts. This font is completely free and created by Jroh Creative who makes many more wonderful brush fonts.

7. Multicolore Vector font

This colorful font is downloading in the original vector format, which you will need Adobe Illustrator CS5 or better to use. There’s also other formats to download. This completely free font is created by Ivan Filipov.

8. Dpopper 

This font comes in various types such as: regular, italic, numbers, number italic, etc. This font comes in only upper case and is free to use. Dpopper was created by designer iordanis passas.

9. Circo

Circo is a fun, colorful and very unique font with designs inspired by the circus. This font comes in only uppercase and can be downloaded for free. Circo was created by designer Tano Veron.


FOFER is a handwritten font with both uppercase and lowercase as well as numbers and punctuation. This font is 100% free and was created by designer Angie Von Slaughter.


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