How to package art prints for shipping

Selling prints of your work can be a great source of income for an artist/illustrator. When you’re selling your prints you want them to arrive in the condition you sent them. When shipping art prints, if not packaged correctly, they can end up crumbled and bent. No matter how many “Do Not Bend” stickers you apply over the envelope. There’s two ways art prints are typically shipped: rolled [in a tube], or flat.

Shipping prints rolled

Rolling prints is recommended for larger sized prints, and are more guaranteed to not being bent, unlike shipping flat. First, begin by using a high quality, durable mailing tube. It’s also suggested when packaging with this method to, roll the print image side out with acid-free cellophane or tissue paper.

Also, use artist tape to keep the print from expanding into the tube. This method is considered the standard and safer for shipping.

The only con is that the print will be a little curved but that can be fixed with framing.


Shipping prints flat

Shipping art prints flat can be a little risky, but not as much for smaller prints. It’s important to use a rigid mailer along with a rigid board that will keep the mailer from being bent.

The rigid board could be a thick cardboard or chipboard, anything board that’s thick and not easy to bend. Place the print in a plastic sleeve and hope for the best.

When shipping flat it’s never a guarantee that the print will arrive flat, but typically shipping with a sturdy mailer and rigid board, it should turn out okay. And if all goes well, the print will be nice and flat unlike shipping rolled.

Credit: TallTreesDesignsSo now that the basics of packaging is over, it’s now important to talk about a little about using your branding in your packaging. Take a look at out our branding yourself article to learn more. I personally love stickers to add a personal touch to my packaging as well as a thank you note including the first name of the customer. Don’t forget to include a business card as well, get them printed for 50% off at PsPrint.

Other ways to personalize or brand your packaging can include: stamps, wax seals, twine, envelope with your logo, wrapping paper with designs, etc.

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