How to get motivated to make art! Get out of artist’s block.

Sometime, as an artist, we take a out a blank sheet of paper and don’t know what to do. That’s art block, a common problem and an annoying one. Sometimes you start to make art and you feel like what you made is not good enough so you quit. But, quitting is the worst thing to do if want to get better. To grow as an artist it’s important to draw often and experiment. It can be hard to start once you’ve quit, but we’re here to give you some tips to get you back in the game.

1. Go back to what first inspired you to make art

It can be easy to forget that we once started somewhere, we saw our first Disney movie and was inspired or read our first manga and was ready to start drawing our own. Go back to what made you want to make art, whether that be another artists work or your first art class in school (look at the work you made then or try to re-create the exercises you learned). Whatever got you started can once again motivate you to keep moving forward with your art creating.

2. Take a look at you old art

Another way to go back to your roots is to take a look at your old art work. It helps to see how far you’ve come and how much you have learned. It can be easy to forget that you didn’t always know how to draw correct facial features or body proportions. Sometimes the creativity of old drawings without the limitations of what looks good can get you inspired to re-create something in your current style and may help you to create more.

3. Try art challenges

Challenges are very popular on social media and are a great way to get out of your drawing bubble. They motivate you to try new things and may inspire you to create more things using whatever method you learned from the challenge. Here’s a list of 15 art challenges to try just to get you started.

4. Plan some ideas of what to draw

Look up some ideas to draw, pick the ones you like and plan them out. List an idea for each day just to get you started. Don’t worry about making it perfect, draw it out on lined notebook paper if you have to. Just get some ideas and get drawing. There’s drawing ideas all over the internet and there’s also apps like Jazza’s Arty Games that give you ideas on what to draw and different challenges you can do.

5. Find a new setting

Try getting out of your current work space, whether that be a studio, office, bedroom, etc. and go somewhere else. More often than not, a new setting can be very inspiring and can help you get started making art again. A good place would be somewhere you enjoy and don’t visit often like the beach, forest, an art museum, or park. A place where you can draw the landscape, people, or with a nice atmosphere so that you feel inspired to draw whatever.

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